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Free Online AR Books All
  • School Name: Read at Home
  • Username: readnow
  • Password: myon
AR Free Digital Library
Grades K-8 Accelerated Reader All Accelerated Reader Description Video AR Video
Grades K-8 Accelerated Reader All Accelerated Reader Login Login Link
Math Curriculum All Step by Step - How to Access Online Math Curriculum How To Video - Math
Reading/ELA Curriculum All Step by Step - How to Access Online Reading Curriculum How To Video - Reading
Google Classrom All Step by Step - How to Access Google Classrom How To Video - Google Classroom
PK-4 Music Mrs. Olson GOOGLE Classroom Google Classroom Codes:
  • PreK - jc4fbrj
  • Kindergarten - ueztl4t
  • 1st grade - oribe5q
  • 2nd grade - wnaevnd
  • 3rd grade - x4iv2df
  • 4th grade - n5o4tz4
  • Mrs. Dankert
  • Mrs. Canestraro
  • Ms. Hukill
Video guide to recommended additional resources Video Guide
3RD GRADE - Hills
  • Mrs. Parissi
  • Mrs. Pawelczyk
  • Ms. Renner
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  • Mrs. Schubert
  • Mrs. Stakias
  • Ms. Purviance
Practice Tests - Contact for additional practice/info Student Practice Site
4TH GRADE Mrs. Rees GOOGLE Classroom Remind & Email
4TH GRADE Mrs. Rees Math Fluency - Moby Max. click on "Google Classroom" at the bottom of the sign-in screen. School Code: 0h1516
4TH GRADE Mrs. Agin Wonders Website.
  • Username: firstname.lastname1
  • Password: Hills2018
Wonders Website
5TH GRADE MR. Kemp GOOGLE Classroom Communication Through Remind App
5TH GRADE Mrs. Moore GOOGLE Classroom Communication Through Facebook
5TH GRADE Mrs. Giusto GOOGLE Classroom
5TH GRADE Ms. Edgerly GOOGLE Classroom
5TH GRADE Mrs. Emley Progress Book VLA
5TH GRADE Mrs. Bennett Progress Book VLA & Google Classroom
6TH GRADE Mr. Renzelli Discovery Education
6TH GRADE Mrs. DiPietro & Mrs. Penner Livebinder Posted on Facebook or use Link
6TH GRADE Mrs. Zink & Mrs. Scott GOOGLE Classroom and Facebook Posted on Facebook or use Link
7TH GRADE Ms. Davies GOOGLE Classroom
7TH GRADE Ms. Marsh Digits Pearson
7TH GRADE Mr. Lucas Edulastic
7TH GRADE Mr. Bodnar Progress Book VLA Assignments
7TH GRADE Ms. Johnson GOOGLE Classroom
7TH GRADE Ms. Hlivko GOOGLE Classroom
8TH GRADE Ms. Padden Google Classroom
8TH GRADE Ms. Qualtire VLA Assignment
8TH GRADE Ms. DiBenedetto Pearson Digits (complete any unfinished assignments by Thursday, March 26)
8TH GRADE Ms. Copeland GOOGLE Classroom (Zoom Conferences Mon, Wed, Fri)
8TH GRADE Mr. Cable GOOGLE Classroom, Progress Book VLA & Discovery Education
8TH GRADE Mr. Long Readworks
5-8 Band Mrs. Howell GOOGLE Classroom Google Classroom Codes:
  • 5th Grade - f2kuruv
  • 6th Grade - byega7r
  • 7th Grade - 5akikpb
  • 8th Grade - t5jvp6h
Related Arts Mrs. Honsewetz Activities by Grade Level Communication Through Email
Physical Education Mrs. Wilson Family Fitness Link
ELA 9/11, AP Lit Mrs. Hall Google Classroom for assignments and Zoom invitations Communication Through Email
ELA 9/10 Mrs. Bryan Google Classroom Communication Through Email & Remind
9-12 Art Ms. Phillippi Google Classroom Communication Through Email
Career Connections Mrs. Robinson Google Classroom
Geometry Mrs. Houser Google Classroom and Quizizz Check Email - Accept Quizezz invitations
Algebra I and II Mrs. Vojvodich Google Classroom Check Email
Algebra I and College Algebra Mrs. Cammilletti Google Classroom District Email
Spanish I Ms. Bolen Google Classroom - code: vv2owlk District Email
Italian I Ms. Bolen Google Classroom - code: uzwnxaw District Email
These strategies are meant to serve as general strategies to support positive behavior during this uncertain time period. Please note that these tools will need to be adjusted to meet the needs of your own child and family, as well as the activities provided by your child’s teacher. They are things to use every day and BEFORE the problem behavior happens.

ICHS Scholarship Information for Seniors

Scholarship Information for Seniors

Any parents who might need help with scholarship forms or transcripts (or any general questions) are welcome to email Mr. Maul at  

The parties in the Doe v. Ohio Department of Education class action have submitted a proposed settlement to the U.S. District Court for approval. The first step in the approval process of the settlement is to provide notice of the proposed settlement to affected students and their parents. To accomplish this, we have provided the pdf linked here.
Your child is using a Chromebook at school, and you have some questions. A Chromebook may be different than the computer you have at home, so we want to help you understand what a Chromebook is and how it’s used at school.
Progress Book Parent Access Userguide

WOSU TV Educational Programming

WOSU TV is responding to the statewide school closures by changing its weekday schedule to help students, teachers and families with at-home learning. Beginning Monday, March 30th, WOSU TV 34.1 will feature a full schedule of curated daily educational programming geared to serve students in grades Pre-K–12 from 7:00am to 5:30pm each weekday.

Programming will range from the PBS KIDS series Peg + Cat and Cyberchase focused on math skills for early elementary kids to NOVA and American Experience programming for older students. The schedule will provide age- and grade-level appropriate, standards-based programs so Ohio students can continue to learn with limited or no internet access.

Student Insurance

Contact: Mr. Kevin McKinstry, an Agent
for Guarantee Trust Life of Illinois
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